Enduring the outcome of a workplace accident is not easy. If you have suffered injuries, you should do everything possible to get immediate medical care. In Virginia, it is mandatory that an injured worker informs their employer of the mishap to claim workers’ compensation benefits. Next, you are required to complete a Claim form and submit the same to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. The question is whether you need an attorney. Hiring an attorney is not mandatory, but going to the battle alone may not be the best idea. In this post, we are sharing more about the need for a workers compensation lawyer Newport News.

Don’t expect anything from the insurance company

Remember that the insurance company pays the workers’ compensation benefits, and these are companies looking for premiums and not claims. As such, the insurance adjuster would try all means to deny a claim, and reasons could include – 

  1. Your injury doesn’t meet the guidelines
  2. Missed deadline
  3. Dispute if your injury was a result of the workplace accident
  4. You had a pre-existing medical condition
  5. Filing the workers’ compensation claim after quitting the job

Even if the insurance company is paying for your medical care, you are entitled to other benefits. Filing your claim with the Commission is absolutely necessary, and when it comes to negotiations, an attorney can do that better.

You can have your time

Immediately after the accident, you may have work restrictions mentioned by the doctor. This is the time to relax and recover, and when you hire an attorney, you reduce your worries and tasks at hand. Lawyers know what it takes to bolster a case and would talk to witnesses and experts if needed. If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, they can work on the legal strategy for the hearing. 

Expertise matters

A professional workers’ compensation lawyer knows insurance tactics and can handle the situation better. For instance, they can advise you on whether you should consider settling the claim and if a structured settlement plan would be a good idea. Lawyers also know people in the Commission, and with years of experience, they can correctly predict the outcome of a hearing. Your lawyer can also ensure that you don’t make mistakes concerning documentation and paperwork, which would eventually impact your claim. 

If you don’t understand how the workers’ compensation system works or are unaware of your rights, get an attorney.