If you have never sat as a pillion on a 750cc motorcycle, it is very difficult to answer this question; if you have ridden such a machine, then you already know the answer. The feel of that raw power underneath, ready to explode when you twist the throttle, is enough to excite anyone and as you get more familiar with the bike, you can start to push the handling a little, always having respect for the horses under your control. Once you have owned one motorcycle, an upgrade is virtually guaranteed and it won’t end there.

A Comparison

Take a street legal 125cc motorcycle; it generates about 18-20 hp, a 1000cc superbike, on the other hand can be as much as 140 hp, which is a lot of power to the rear wheel.  How fast is a superbike? During a test, a 1000cc superbike reached 70 mph and stopped before a Porsche 911 Turbo could reach that speed. Of course, a raw novice isn’t going to ride a big bike out of the showroom, rather they have to start with a smaller machine, like a 250cc bike, then graduate to the 600cc class and finally, on to the 1000cc+ class, which is the superbike. Technically, any bike over 400cc is classed as a ‘big bike’ and in the UK, you can only ride engine capacities that your driving licence allows. If you are ready for your first bike, check out the Honda Bike Dealer at Wheels Motorcycles, where you can view a range of new and used bikes from starter to superbike.

Cheaper Travel

When you work out the cost of fuel, servicing, tax and insurance, two wheels offer a huge saving over four; many UK drivers ride their bike in the summer months and switch to the car when it gets cold. Summer riding offers great opportunities for some touring on two wheels and if you throw camping into the mix, it gets even better!

Freedom & Independence

There’s little to compare with the feeling of heading down a main road on your way to a country ride on a sunny day, with the wind in your face and a long and winding road ahead for you to explore on two wheels. You might have a friend who rides a big bike, why not ask them for a pillion ride, so you can experience the acceleration. A pillion ride is the way that many people first discover the wonders of big biking, then they set off on their own journey, starting out with a small bike. You can go from an A2, an A1 licence to a class A licence in a few years and that enables you to ride any motorcycle. Click here for driving licence requirements in the UK.

You probably notice the sudden increase in big bike traffic as April comes and goes, as this is the start of the riding season and now that we’ve whet your appetite, contact your local Honda dealer and see what they have in stock.