Who Gets Child Custody In Divorce?

There was an assumption that children would have to stay with their mother after a divorce, but that presumption is no longer honored. Most states have now passed laws regarding child custody that there will be no preference for women over men. Although the laws are being passed, mothers still get custody when parents divorce. The laws of different states vary, and thus, the law must award custody in the child’s ” best interests.” The divorce attorneys in Milwaukee can help determine who will get custody, keeping the child’s best interest.

Who gets child custody in divorce?=

If hatred is kept aside, most parents will agree to prevail in their child’s best interest. But if you are a divorcing dad, you have to know the factors that courts generally consider in determining child custody.

  • The primary caregiver

The parent who has been the child’s primary caregiver is one of the main factors in determining custody. Some states use the term “primary caregiver,” while others signify the best parent who takes care of their child’s needs and the most willing to accept the parental responsibilities. 

No matter how the term is used, the primary caregiver standard determines which parent has been able to take care of their child in daily needs such as bathing, feeding, putting to bed, walking, making doctor appointments, etc. In most families, these tasks are shared between the parents. In some cases, some stay-at-home dad takes full responsibility for the child. As of now, more women are working full-time than in the past, and women will likely be the ones taking the primary caregiver roles. 

No matter how big or little a role you have in handling these tasks daily, you should start taking on as many of these tasks make sense for your child, your spouse, and you. Ultimately, you will have to handle these tasks after your divorce when the child is with you.

  • Parent-child bond

The relationship between the parent and the child is another factor determining custody. The younger the child, the better the relationship with their mother will be. It is because the mother is the one to feed the child from birth and builds closeness building a different bond than a father has with their child. As a result, the child looks to their moms first for emotional support and daily basic needs.

If the father is more involved with his infant, a closer bond will form with the child. If you want joint custody, you may need to learn about providing care and support for your young child’s needs.