Rhinoplasty is surgery to modify the size or shape of the nose. to the desired proportion and when the nose is the central point of the face Modifications to this section will make the overall face easier to see.

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Nose augmentation material

Rhinoplasty can use the tissue itself. or use other materials such as silicone which is more popular for Asians The silicone used should be of a type that meets medical standards (Medical grade).

A silicone form used to augment the nose. What types are there?

Usually, there are 2 types of silicone for doctors to choose from: ready-made silicone. and silicone sticks (self-sharpening), ready-made silicones are somewhat easier to use than silicone sticks. because it has been formed into a shape Doctors don’t have to spend a lot of time adjusting.

hardness or softness of the silicone rhinoplasty

– Hard silicone will maintain its shape well, not easy to collapse but may penetrate if the nasal tissue is not thick enough Therefore, medium hard silicone is often used. in order to get a beautiful shape that is not easily penetrated and does not collapse after doing

– Soft silicone, suitable for those who have a thick nose. It will make your nose look smooth and natural. But it may collapse over time.

Country of manufacture of silicone

Nose implants are popular nowadays. Usually from America, Korea, most of them will look like this.

– Silicone America (USA) is a special standard silicone. Medium hardness, good flexibility, suitable for people who want a beautiful, prominent nose. and not too hard

– Korean silicone (Korea) is a special standard silicone as well. Relatively soft, especially at the base and tip of the nose. Relatively high flexibility Suitable for people who want a beautiful, natural-looking nose.

Nose augmentation technique

– Closed Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made through one nostril. The advantage is that there is a small wound. But this can only be done partially because the doctor will not be able to see the entire internal structure of the nose.

– Semi-Open Rhinoplasty technique is a surgery by opening incisions on both sides of the nose. Suitable for people with rather large noses. or want to fix the bone base May be done together with hammering the base of the nose 2 sides to make it smaller

– Open Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation that opens the entire nose. Before stretching the wall under the nose to correct the structure of the nose. Suitable for people with large noses, rose-shaped noses, large bases, high humps, or have little nose meat. but want the nose to be very prominent

nose tip

In addition to enhancing the nose to make it look more prominent There may be a technique to support the tip of the nose with artificial tissue. or cartilage behind the ear to make the tip of the nose get the desired shape, such as a teardrop shape It also helps the silicone do not come into direct contact with the nose. Prevents silicone from penetrating

– Techniques for supporting the tip of the nose with artificial tissue is the use of synthetic materials. It looks like a soft sheet like a sponge, made from tissue that has been sterilized by radiation.

– Technique to support the tip of the nose with cartilage behind the ear This is a partial removal of the cartilage behind the ear. More flexible and durable than artificial tissue