What Is The Importance Of Likes For Your Facebook Page?

Don’t we all want to be liked? While “liking” doesn’t necessarily translate into high success levels, it shows your support for a cause, team or product. For your Facebook page, likes represent the total number of people who have clicked the “like” button next to your page. So when you like someone else’s post or comment, they will know they’ve impacted that person.

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And when you see that number go up with each new follower and fan, it’s hard not to feel pretty pumped! Therefore, companies and organizations with Facebook pages need to pay attention to how many likes their content receives.

Top Tactics to Boost Likes On Facebook Page Posts

If you are the one who is accessing your Facebook page for the first time, then you will surely feel th3 lesser number of likes. If you want immediate success, you can buy Facebook page likes from a genuine platform. But if you want to get likes, followers, and comments organically, then read the below-mentioned tactics.

1. Share Interesting Content

Uploading interesting and valuable content to your Facebook page will make it much more likely to be liked. That’s because people like seeing other people having a good time, whether in their videos, pictures, or posts. So if you’re looking for that boost, share something that makes you laugh and feel good about life or the world at large. Otherwise, stick with things that are meaningful and supportive of your company goals and mission.

2. Post Frequently

Your page will run into the popularity wall where no new likes can be generated if you only post once every few weeks. New likes will likely come in if you post more. The trick is to post a combination of convenient things to share and the most interesting and important things happening at your company or organization.

3. Use Images and Other Multimedia

Facebook only allows you to link to your existing content on every Facebook post, such as images and videos. Try linking to a photo album or a YouTube video on your page’s wall so that those viewers can get a greater sense of who you are and what you do.

4. Create Engaging Facebook Landing Pages

Facebook users are likelier to like the content on your page if they can click on links that take them directly to your website or downloadable audio or video. This means you should create a landing page for your Facebook fans so they can easily and immediately get more information about what you offer and how they can work with you.

5. Engage With Fans

If your business is a small, local startup, it doesn’t have the budget for employee-compensation-type social media training. Instead, find people who are already on the same path and engage with them via comments on their posts. Create a community of people who will respond positively to the kind of things you do, and they’ll be sure to like your Facebook page too.

6. Get Fans Involved In Contests, Promotions and Charity Efforts

Facebook users like feeling that they’re a part of something. When you try to engage them with Facebook promotions, charity programs or contests, they will often find it worthwhile to like your page to show their support.

7. Use the Like Box

Many social media experts recommend that small businesses use Facebook, like Box, on their websites to drive traffic back to their pages and encourage new likes. A “like” button on your website makes people more likely to click it and become fans of your page. This is a great way for small businesses that still need to get a big budget for advertising to reach customers.

8. Do Not Simply Buy Likes

It can be tempting to buy likes to artificially boost the number of people who “like” your Facebook page, but this is wrong. Some companies or individuals even sell this kind of service, but it will only make it difficult for you to grow your community organically down the road.

9. Partner with Other Companies and Organizations That Are Similar

Another way you can build a community of interest around your Facebook page is by partnering with other businesses and organizations similar to yours. This will make people who are already interested in one of those organizations likely to like your page, too.

10. Tell People Why They Should Like Your Facebook Page

If you want other people to like your Facebook page, tell them exactly why they should do it! Depending on how big and established your organisation is, this can be a simple message or a more involved campaign. If you’re starting, you can get pretty creative by offering promotional deals or discounts to customers who click “like” on your Facebook page.

In a nutshell, you must adjust the types of content you share on your Facebook page throughout the year to stay fresh and interesting for visitors.