Over the last few years, it’s impossible not to notice increasing interest in NFT. Here we focus on Incognito NFT. Here, our attention is on Incognito NFT. What really is NFT incognito, and why is it so well-liked today, are common questions.

Incognito Collection Rewards

Rewards are an important feature of the Incognito NFT collection.

It’s also important to point out that the Incognito collection has something special. It’s the reward they give to their incognito companions. These rewards range from Kanye West Hoodie to artwork worth $80,000 and more. They encompass a variety of media, such as paintings, sculptures, and sketches.

These honors offer something special to their community and assist them in realizing their own worth to themselves and their cause. In order to combine aspects of digital art and physical worlds, the team chose these rewards.

Basically, the team does this by hosting a variety of contests, scavenger hunts, freebies, events, and amazing digital and tangible works of art.  At the moment, the team offers three rewards:

  1. CryptoPunk 9709
  2. Alec Monopoly Painting
  3. 5 x LEGO Sculptures by Nathan Sawaya

In addition to these three major incentives, the Incognito Collection also offers the following additional rewards:

  1. . A total of 100 white caps and 100 caps with the Incognito logo
  2. 100 black hats with a white Incognito logo
  3. Incognito Hoodies – unique hoodies that will be released via NFTs
  4. Personalized ICON chain and pendant – ICON chain and pendant entirely in gold and diamonds
  5. Metal Prints – 35 professional metal prints 24″ x 24″
  6. Master Collector receives 10 ETH in rewards from a total of 8 bases.

Discover Incognito NFT technology

So far, it has become evident that Incognito is a group of non-fungible tokens created on the blockchain network of Ethereum. The connection protocols ERC721 Standard and Metamask & Wallet are supported. Along with this, there are also

Provenance hash – The formula (token + starting index) percent 10000 First Sequence Index is used to allocate each Token ID of Incognito from the initial sequence to an artwork image.

IPFS for Metadata Storage – IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System, a decentralized file storage solution. IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System, a decentralized file storage solution. Keep in mind that once a file is saved in the IPFS, it cannot be altered, deleted, or updated by anybody.

The website of Incognito is made with the most recent Web3 technology and is protected against DDoS assaults by a Netflix CDN. On top of that, the front-end framework is Vue.js, a quick and robust, and lightweight, and there’s Truffle.js+ Web3.js.

The opportunity for the NFT community

Because the NFT community has spent millions dollars of on NFT initiatives projects that projects without a solid base or experience and a professional team to guide them, the art has no real these circumstances are most common:

In a few weeks, the collection dies.

Some people make money quickly, taking advantage of community hysteria rather than genuine, valuable long-term NFT projects. Most NFT Collections are of poor artistic quality and worth.

The majority of works on the new market (or NFT) are lacking in terms of quality and there is a unique possibility in the NFT network to make something totally original that no one has seen before. All this means is that the theme of the whole group can be changed.

Putting together a collection and a professional and focused team that will place a high value on true artistic work, they expect that their company, the Incognito NFT, will become the standard in the history of NFT.