Cement equipment used by home builders for flexible waterproofing. is an important material For preventing floor leakage, there are 2 parts in 1 can: 1 bag of cement powder and 1 bag of white water. Mix 2 parts together and stir well. and put to use Paint the floor evenly and emphasize the connection between the floor and the wall. Pipe joints to the floor by applying 2 layers.

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In house work, steel frame knock-down will be applied to the bathroom floor and deck floor. by applying over a steel sheet or a fiber cement floor board first. Sand plaster over the face…

Ceramic tile work

Tile Adhesive It is responsible for the bonding between the surface and the tile. The adhesive mortar consists of cement, sand, and adhesive to increase adhesion.

Adhesive cement in knock-down housework We will be laying ceramic tiles. with fiber cement board walls, thickness 8-10 mm. Before buying cement glue, you should check the properties of that type that are suitable for the job.. The author’s favorite brand Used to cover the bathroom wall of the house to knock down the steel frame, which is

  • Crocodile brand, green bag
  • Cotto brand, green bag
  • Weber brand, yellow-red bag

This model is a standard model with good toughness and adhesion.

Price per bag 170-190 baht.

From the trial and move of the knock-down house There was no problem with the tiles falling off.

wall tile method with cement glue

  1. Prepare the surface, remove any debris, cement powder, grease or other stains that are stuck on the surface.
  2. Prepare 2.5 parts glue cement to 1 part water, pour cement glue into clean water, mix well. Using a blender device, leave it for 15 minutes, spin again and use.
  3. Use a trowel to plaster the leaves on the back of the ceramic tile. spread evenly and use a notched trowel to cut into grooves
  4. Lay the tiles on the wall to make it straight. Use a rubber hammer to knock them to the same plane. Use a spacer to align the tile grooves, insert the grooves to get the tile alignment evenly.

bathroom wall tile techniques

bathroom wall tiling The home builder company will have a technique to follow the steps as follows.

  1. Find the wall level and draw a line on all sides of the wall. We will lay except the first wall tile that is attached to the floor.
  2. Use a steel box 2x1 inches to install to support heavy tiles not to slip down
  3. Install wall tiles Crab from bottom to top, 1 on each side.
  4. When all sides of the wall have been tiled Leave to dry for 1 night (15 hours).
  5. Remove the iron separator. and laying tiles on the lower wall, leaning against the floor to complete all sides of the wall
  6. After the lower wall tile has been laid Leave to dry for 1 night (15 hours).
  7. Pour cement-sand mixed with waterproofing solution. Second, with a chicken cage sieve, 3-5 cm thick. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Should buy ceramic tiles that meet TIS 2508-2555 standards, certified because it affects the quality. and installation

tiling formula Soak in water/not soak in water controversial

Ceramic tile + cement glue Do not soak the tile in water before laying.

because it will reduce the adhesion of the cement glue

Granito tiles + cement glue Do not soak the tiles in water before laying.

because it will reduce the adhesion of the cement glue

ceramic tile Green cement mixed with coarse sand Should be soaked in water for at least 20 minutes before cooking.

Because it will make the tile adhere well.

tile gap

tile type

wall tile with edge trim There will be a grout groove size (R/T) 2-3 mm.

General wall tiles (not cut edges) will have a grout groove size 3-5 mm.

Area tiles with edge cutting (R/T) will have a grout groove size 2-3 mm.

Rustic Group Tiles with rough side surfaces There will be a grout groove size 2-3 mm.

Tile spacer is a tool to help control the space between the grooves. of the paving work and helps the tiles to be arranged beautifully… To use, choose the spacer size that we want to leave the groove

Sand mortar or cement mortar is applied over the bathroom floor.

After we apply elastic cement Leave it to dry for about 1 night (15 hours). The next day, we will pour the sand mortar over the face with the steps of surface preparation and equipment as follows.

  • Clean the floor such as debris and debris completely.
  • Bring the chicken cage to cut. according to the size of the bathroom floor to reinforce
  • Mix all-purpose cement (green mortar), coarse sand and clean water.
  • Ratio : 1 part cement : 3 parts coarse sand : 1 part clean water.
  • Mix with a waterproofing solution. according to the manufacturer’s recommended rate
  • Pour cement sand over the chicken cage grate with a thickness of 3.5 cm., smooth the surface.
  • Let it dry for 24 hours before laying ceramic tiles over it.

Mortar mortar, pouring the finished floor, mixed with water, can be used at all. For if you want a standard job, the property is having a mixture of cement and sand in it. proper ratio Clean sand grains are of standard size, making work easier and faster.

The limitation is to be exchanged for the increased cost for small pouring jobs that require convenience and speed.