Top 5 Online Tools for a College Student

Are you enjoying your college life exactly the way you assumed you would enjoy it? A college is a place where we encounter real-life issues, and as a student, we have to manage so many things at the same time. Things get extra hard and frustrating if you try to work part-time alongside your studies.

To have a systematic life and manage all the 立即了解更多, students always search for tools that can ease their workload so that they can enjoy their college life as well. Here, we will talk about some super cool online tools that can be used in daily life by college students to make their lives productive and organized. Let’s have a look at them:


Bookworm hub, don’t go just over the name. This tool is not only for bookworms; this is for all those college students who are struggling with their assignment submissions. This tool will help you contact a person who will assist you in solving your doubts and in completing your assignments according to your needs. This tool can also be used by you to submit and keep a track record of all the submitted assignments.


Do you want to impress your teachers? Are you very bad at finding your own mistakes? This tool is going to be very helpful for you; Chegg is a widely used tool by college students to find the mistakes in their homework, assignments, and test papers. This tool will not only tell you the mistakes but will also provide you with a way to correct them accurately. It can solve any mathematical problem, can detect plagiarism in your content, and more. Now, it is your time to create a good impression in the classroom with 0 mistakes every day.


PDFSimpli is a must-have tool for every college student because the most-used document format in which we share documents in our college life is PDF. It is so frustrating when you don’t know how to edit PDF, and you have to do an urgent edit in your assignments which are in PDF format. This tool can solve your issue in seconds and help you edit your PDF document with ease.

Insight Timer

Frequent breaks between studies and work can enhance productivity. When classes are online, students forget to take breaks, and they keep sitting in front of the screen. This tool can help them by sending notifications to them to take a break or drink water and more. Insight timer also has a huge list of activities like meditation and resting. Students can modify this tool according to their needs and take productive breaks.


This is one of the most awesome tools while you are trying to concentrate on something. This tool is for those who don’t like to get interrupted by the background noise and wish to focus on their work. myNoise has a huge range of different soothing sounds that can help in boosting concentration level and increase creativity.


You can make your college life much more memorable, and fun with some simple tools that can assist you in complicated tasks like to convert PDF to Word, finding mistakes in your assignments, and more.