If you’ve ever had to rush a move, you know how exhausting it can be. Plan ahead if at all possible to allow yourself time to make decisions as you pack your belongings. If you’re moving locally, split the move into days to lower stress and unpack thoughtfully.

Declutter As You Pack

Enter each closet and room of your new home with an eye toward what you no longer need. For example, you can start with a

  • plastic bag for trash
  • box for donations and sale items
  • plastic tub for items you want to keep

Use a timer to help you focus. For one hour, think about nothing but deciding what to do with all the stuff in front of you. You will want to avoid pushing too hard on this; decision fatigue may mean that you make some poor choices. As soon as a container is full, act on it to avoid over-thinking.

Take What You Love

Create a map of your new space and sketch where you’re going to put your favorite items. If you’re downsizing, review your current home with an eye toward storage pieces. You may be moving from 3 bedrooms to 2, but you may have an antique bureau you love. Can you turn it into storage in your dining room?

Now is the time to get creative with the pieces you will not give up. Nearly everything can be repurposed, and you may even be able to enjoy a piece that has long been tucked away; in your new home, place it somewhere it will get used each day!

Clean and Update Furniture Before Move-In Day

If you have upholstered furniture that needs freshening and you’re moving locally, send your couch, loveseat and armchair to the upholstery shop. This is also an ideal time to get your wooden furniture tightened up if the joints are failing or refinished if the surface is stained. Once your current furniture is off for update and repair, you have a spot to stack boxes and bins.

When your furniture is clean, and all the wooden glue joints are nice and tight, it’s time to get things delivered to your new apartment Check out these apartments for rent in richmond ca. Again, you’ll need to take time off or have someone wait for your possessions to be dropped off. Let your building super know that furniture movers will need access to the closest doors to protect them and your possessions.

Get the Utilities Turned On Early

If you’re moving into an apartment, you may only need to transfer things into your name. If you’re moving into a house that’s been empty for a time, do take a day off and go sit in your new home, so you’re there when gas, water and electric are all turned on, so you’re not met with a leaky pipe or a failed hot water heater. It is important to note that at apartments like Stadia Med Main, you won’t have to worry about this as everything will be taken care of for you.

For those moving in from out of town, talk to your realtor about hiring someone to be at the house when those services get turned on so you can move in with AC or heat, water and power. Consider also hiring a crew to deep clean the place. It was probably cleaned before it was put on the market, but you need the confidence of moving into a deeply cleaned home.

Use Luggage To Keep Things Simple

Put your luggage to work! If you live alone or with a partner, load and transport two suitcases packed with

  • bedding, including your pillow
  • towels and toiletries
  • pajamas
  • at least one outfit each

No matter what happens on moving day, you can shower, make your bed, sleep on fresh bedding with your favorite pillow, and wear clean clothes the next day. Make sure you also load all important papers, such as your lease, into a backpack or briefcase with your electronics for easy access.

Moving can be a time of renewal. Yes, it can also be a lot of work. However, if you can settle into your new home with only the things you love exactly where they work best, the labor will be worth it!