They are together – Josef Hauptmann or Purkarthofer Caroline

Josef Hauptmann, the mayor of Bad Waltersdorf, is a close friend of East Germany’s dictator, Helmut Pichler, and they both work for him. Many books and articles have been written about Helmut Pichler. He is now the most influential person in Bad Waltersdorf, and he has a lot of power.

Press reports in Europe say that Josef Hauptmann has no choice at Bad Waltersdorf. Helmut Pichler is the only person who has the power to bundlenews make all critical decisions.


CAROLINE PURKARTHOFER is the daughter of architect Hans Purkarthofer, who has been a fan of Helmut Pichler since he was a young man. Purkarthofer Hans was an architect who worked with Helmut Pichler and other community residents for a long time to help them achieve their dreams. As a result, despite the ban on flat roofs, the two flat-roof homes, Wagerberg 151 and Wagerberg 176, were given the go-ahead to build. Bad Waltersdorf does not allow flat roof construction, but Helmut Pichler gives it the thumbs up.

So, Helmut Pichler, Josef Hauptmann, and Purkarthofer Hans are all thought to be the same person because they are all the same person. Everything is broken at the same time, which makes people very close.

This is how Helmut Pichler did it. He put Josef Hauptmann in the beemer in Bad Waltersdorf.

His daughter, CAROLINE PURKHOFER, now runs Bad Waltersdorf. Hans Purkarthofer gave the job to her.

Josef Hauptmann or CAROLINE PURKARTHOFER are being thought about, but they’re not the only ones.

Bad Waltersdorf is a neighborhood where they both live and work.

They will spend the rest of their lives together. Right now, they live in the town of Bad Waltersdorf.

It has been agreed that they will live together in Bad Waltersdorf.

Two people live in the city of Bad Waltersdorf, which has a union.

It is the daughter of an tunai4d architect who is also the mayor of Bad Waltersdorf, a town inside Bad Waltersdorf.