Sales organizations rely on finding and hiring top talent for sales positions. Sometimes this can be easier said than done.

Consider why sales can be complex and how you can find the best success during the hiring process.

Why Hiring Salespeople Can Be Difficult

Finding sales hires can be a complicated process. A sales professional may be out there waiting to be found in the wide-open sea. any companies decide to partner with a Global PEO to find the best talent abroad.

Because of the online nature of hiring in today’s market, there is a wider pool of sales candidates. Location is less of a factor, meaning businesses and candidates both have more options – and more competition.

Technology is a factor in another way. Digital selling is widespread, and today’s minimum skill requirements include more tech skills than ever.

New buying processes have changed the way we sell. When every customer has the internet in their pocket, sales reps must step up their game and focus more on why their products and service are better than the competition.

This requires more strategic and data-driven thinking. True, key aspects of selling, like qualifying prospects, discovering different buyer motivations, and developing leads, are still necessary.

However, these sales staples are now expected of every sales candidate, making it more difficult for those new to selling.

Where to Find Qualified Candidates

Sales managers may feel they need help finding new sales reps. Don’t worry; they are out there waiting to be found!

Hiring managers should keep their options open as they begin the recruitment process.

A social media platform or professional network is a great way to connect with sales candidates. You can network with various sales reps – even those that may not be actively looking for new sales positions.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter give the marketing team an advantage in setting the right tone and putting your company culture front and center.

Tradeshows and conferences may be a way to scope out new clients, but they can also be a method to collect contact information for sales talent from other companies.

College career fairs can give you a head’s up on budding sales talent. Consider getting involved in sales recruiting by supporting student clubs and mentorship programs.

Job boards from highly-respected online communities continue to be a great resource for finding the best salespeople.

Make sure your company’s profile is polished on these sites so that job seekers get a good first impression from your company reviews.

Remember that professional sales recruitment firms are a good option to match the perfect potential candidates for your business.

They create campaigns that meet your specific requirements and do the heavy lifting for you – returning top talent to your inbox.

Successful Step-by-Step to Hire Sales Reps

Since the sales hiring process can sometimes feel overwhelming, developing a good strategy is best.

Here are a few tips on the steps a sales manager can expect to work through as they search for the right candidate to fill an open sales position.

Identify the Sales Role

Hiring salespeople begin with a clear understanding of the sales representative’s role.

Fully examine your sales team and understand your true needs. Think long-term about gaps in your current team makeup.

Consider how a sales rep will fit into the team and what skills they should bring to the group.

Write the Job Description

Draw in the right sales reps by writing a meaningful job ad. This will help guarantee good candidates find your listing.

  • Job title – Descriptive, professional, and in line with industry standards
  • Job description – Easy to read with a clear and honest explanation of the skills you are looking for in a sales hire
  • Company Profile – Overview of your company, its goals, and the focus of the sales team
  • Call to action – Direct information on what sales reps need to do next to apply

Don’t just copy and paste paragraphs from another company’s job descriptions. Take the time to construct your listing with an appropriate job description to reach the sales professionals you want.

Evaluate Sales Ability and Soft Skills

Sales recruiters will want to fully evaluate sales talent before hiring and adding them to sales teams.

This requires wading through the applicant pool and screening out the best sales reps to invite through the interview process.

A good salesperson will have the right combination of previous experience, education, and soft skills to add value to your sales team truly.

Sales managers should endeavor to maintain the screening process. Phone screens serve as an initial contact with candidates and assess whether they should move forward in the interview process.

Ask the Right Questions Ahead of and During the Interview

A sales manager can make the interview successful by asking the right questions. Some of these questions will naturally come before a candidate even shows up for the interview.

  • What am I looking for in a sales rep?
  • How will our sales process benefit from a new addition to the sales team?
  • What can I do to get new sales reps off on the right foot?

Some questions will be ones that you ask of the potential sales candidates. The internet is a good source for these questions, but remember that your goal is to understand the person, not just grade their responses.

Here are a few examples of questions that might be asked in a sales interview:

  • Tell me about a sales failure. What did you learn from the experience?
  • How would your previous supervisor or coworkers describe you?
  • What motivates you to make sales?
  • Can you teach me something new?

Be ready to answer questions a candidate asks during the interview. Great salespeople will be interested in your company and the specifics of how they will fit in.

Give Attention to the Onboarding Process

Even after the recruitment process is complete, new hires need support after they become part of the sales team. Give sales reps initial onboarding training.

Even if they have worked with sales organizations before, a new sales rep with your company can benefit from learning more about your sales process.

Keep a sales rep motivated by regularly commending and giving feedback until they stabilize.


Sales leaders know that sales recruiting can be a difficult path. But there are plenty of avenues for finding good salespeople.

Follow a strategic path to locate, interview, and onboard great candidates to your team.