The new generation loves diamonds! In fact, in 2017, millennial consumers contributed 59% of the diamond industry’s worth. It was when diamond rings and diamond bracelets were flourishing as gifts.

Since then, the demands have remained steady, and people are keener than ever to invest in diamonds. However, not everyone has an expert eye for them. Some genuinely struggle to pick out the correct stone and the metal it needs to be set on.

How about diving in and exploring a few tips to make this process easier?

The four C’s of buying a diamond.

A recognized laboratory’s grading report should be included with a diamond. This report will contain a lot of information. But the simplest method for assessing a stone’s quality is to look at the Four C’s – cut, clarity, colour, and carat.

This is the ultimate hack when buying something as precious as diamond bracelets.

Read on to learn how to get the perfect diamond using the four C’s.

1. Cut

The cut is the most significant among the Four Cs for a diamond. Colour and clarity problems are less visible in a well-cut diamond. Moreover, a well-cut stone will appear bigger than its carat size because it will appear brighter.

So, keep your cut quality requirements high while purchasing diamond bracelets.

2. Carat

The carat weight affects the pricing. And in a big way too. Remember that this is markedly different from the size of the diamond. A diamond could be a specific price at 0.5 carats. However, the price will not double at the 1-carat benchmark. In fact, it can triple or even quadruple.

3. Colour

Now since this is a first-time buyer’s cheat sheet, remember that the best colour is the one that appeals to the eyes. Moreover, the diamond will appear colourless, or it won’t. So that one will be quite easy to distinguish.

4. Clarity

In terms of clarity, go the same route when picking a colour – trust your eyes. The diamond either appears “eye-clean”, or it doesn’t. Therefore, don’t fret over it and trust what you see.

The type of metal the diamond will be set on.

Generally, diamond ornaments are set on one of four precious metals. One can choose from the following:

  1. White Gold: White gold appears silverier due to the alloying of yellow gold and white precious metals. It is available in 18K or 9K purity and, unlike yellow gold, appears sleeker and is more contemporary.
  2. Gold: Gold is more costly than silver, but it is perfect for everyday use. If one wants to save money, they can opt for 9K gold, which is less expensive than 18K gold or higher.
  3. Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is more traditional and has a more conventional appearance. It is available in 18K or 9K purity, with 9K being the less expensive of the two.
  4. Sterling Silver: Since sterling silver is much softer than gold, it is less resistant to regular wear. It is, nevertheless, the least expensive precious metal.


This article aims to serve only as an entryway to buying diamond bracelets. However, remembering a few things – notably, the four C’s and the type of metal one wants to set the stones on can help one decide quickly.

Moreover, it’s a great way to ensure one stays within budget!

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