The Education Department of Gujarat manages various financial works and economic affairs. This department is responsible for all the schools and colleges in the state. The government of Gujarat formed this department in 1960, along with the Labor Department. The two departments work together under the same umbrella. The main purpose of the department is to provide quality education and improve the socioeconomic status of the state. For more information on the functioning of the department, visit the official website.


The education department in Gujarat has fixed the dates for secondary and higher secondary schools to reopen after the closure of the state. This is a great news for parents and children in the state, and we hope that the closure of the state schools will be temporary. The Gujarat High Court ruled that self-financed schools are not eligible for free school money. The Department will also publish its annual report to the Congress highlighting the main achievements of the department in the past year.

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Elementary education

The Education Department in Gujarat pays utmost attention to elementary education. The government has launched a district primary education scheme in which primary education is free and compulsory for all students. The state government has also taken several measures to curb the dropout rate in Gujarat. Currently, the government’s schools are following the uniform structure of 10+2 education. The state has a high percentage of school dropouts, but the state government has taken steps to improve the situation.

Dropout rate

The Education Department in Gujarat is concerned about improving elementary education in the state. The state government has launched a district primary education programmer in which primary education is free and compulsory for all students. This initiative was implemented with the aim of reducing the dropout rate. The state has also instituted a uniform structure in the schools. Whether you’re looking for a school for your child or a college for a career, the Education Department of Gujarat can help.


The Education Department of Gujarat has launched a new paripatra system across the state. The new system allows for localized education and enables students in rural areas to benefit from educational opportunities. The school system focuses on values-based, integrated education and a leadership ethos. To ensure the success of the system, the education department in Gujarat has introduced a number of programs, including online courses and webinars.

Regular curriculum

The School Education Department of Gujarat has introduced several digital initiatives that connect students with teachers and provide quality educational content. The department’s e-platform and mobile application for CWSN are examples of such initiatives. The Education Department of Gujarat also introduced Computer Studies as part of the regular curriculum. However, these initiatives have had a negative impact on the education of the state. The government is taking steps to improve education in Gujarat. So, it is crucial to provide quality education for all citizens.

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