In the world of website design and development, new trends are always coming and going. In a lot of these trends, the idea is to keep the attention of the website visitor for as long as possible – you can blame the short attention spans of modern people for that. With unique website design features, unorthodox navigation, and micro animations, these websites are trying their best to keep you on them for as long as possible. The online marketing guru, Snir  Hananya, says a single-page website is a perfect solution to all these problems.

Of course, it is not to say that other website designs and types are not suitable for you, but a one-page website gets the job done in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at how Snir Hananya justifies his endorsement for single-page websites.

It Follows the Latest Trends

Have you noticed something common in all the latest social media platform applications? If you monitor a bit closely, you will realize that they are all using this continuous scrolling feature to their advantage. The reason for continuous vertical scrolling is the spread of smartphone devices all around the world. People are using their thumbs to scroll on these social media websites/applications and there is no better way to navigate them. A single-page website imitates that experience perfectly. You can just keep scrolling to the bottom to see the entire website.

Do keep in mind that these one-page websites do have a navigation tab feature on top. This means, the top ribbon still looks like that of a regular website. When you click on one of the tabs, you scroll to that section of the page automatically. That’s the reason Snir Hananya calls a one-page website a win-win for website owners and users.

It Increases Visitor Online Time

The time a user spends on a particular web page of your website is one of the metrics Google considers in deciding how good or bad your website is. Owners of the regular websites are always working on different web pages of their websites to increase the time their visitors spend on those pages. The longer a person stays on a web page, the better the ranking of that page will be. You can already guess that a one-page website completely does away with that hassle. It’s just one page and all the content is there on it.

When a visitor lands on your website, they will scroll up and down to look of the information they need but they will still be on the same page. This sends a positive signal to Google that the visitors on your website are staying for a long time and not bouncing off instantly. If you can continue to update the content on your website, you can keep appearing in search results more frequently. Things are just easier with a one-page website, in the words of Snir  Hananya.

Easy on Internet Resources

Snir  Hananya says that you can harp on about the coming of the 5G tech as much as you can, but you still have billions of people in the world who don’t have any access to this technology. In fact, their internet speeds are quite slow. What’s shocking is that a lot of developed countries have pretty appalling internet speeds. On these internet connections, opening a new web page takes time. The whole website has to reload every time you click on a web page. On the other hand, a one-page website is pretty light on your internet resources because it only loads once.

Final Thoughts

According to Snir  Hananya, he wants people to get rid of the misconception that a one-page website is for esthetics. That’s the last thing you should be giving a single-page website credit for. The real benefits of such a website are far more important and benefitting than the mere esthetic value that most people associate with it.