The rage of celebrity-inspired hashtags has never been stronger. From actresses squishing themselves into dryers to hotel minifridges, it’s easy to see why these Instagram posts are getting so popular.

In order to increase the amount of people that see your posts on social media, you need to focus on getting more Instagram followers. This can be done through hashtag promotion and adding new content to your account daily. The more, the better.

Many celebrities are also political partisans, and there are plenty of prominent Republican stars who vocally support President Trump’s policies. Here are a few of the most notable.

Why People Like Using Republican Celeb Hashtags

Using Republican Celeb Hashtags on Instagram is a great way to show off your support for the Republican party. Whether you want to share a political rant or a video of your latest election victory, using hashtags with relevant Republican celebrities is a great way to get the most out of your posts.

This is especially true if you are running for office. In fact, many politicians have used hashtags to promote their campaigns and to inform their followers about the latest legislative battles. Some even use hashtags to let their fans know how they are doing, such as former Speaker of the House John Boehner.

This year, a popular hashtag has started spreading like wildfire on Instagram: #SaveTheChildren. It is a clear call to action to end human trafficking and protect children, with many posts accompanied by pictures of beloved children laughing together and statistics about the problem.

Trending Topics Relating to Republican Celebrities

While most celebrities aren’t directly involved in politics, there are a few outliers who make a splash with their political endorsements and Instagram posts. Tiffany Trump has a viral post featuring a man holding a sign claiming “Next massacre will be the GOP in the midterms.” Hallmark Christmas queen Candace Cameron Bure is another celebrity who has made a splash with her support of President Donald Trump and his agenda.

Other prominent Republican influencers include Clint Eastwood and Caitlyn Jenner. These celebrities have made a big impact on the social media landscape and have become hugely popular with their fans.

List of the Top Republican Celebrity Influencers

These celebrities on the Right are a subset of conservative media influencers, occupying a space between the mainstream and grassroots leaders in their local communities. Their social media platforms are a crucial tool for galvanizing support.

The top-ranked political influencer on this list is Joseph Saladino, known as Joey Salads to his 2.7 million subscribers, who has been consistently vocal about supporting President Trump in 2020. His tweets and YouTube videos are a popular source of pro-Trump content.

Another popular Republican celebrity on Instagram is Candace Owens, who has a following of over 1 million people. She is a self-described “digital conservative activist” and founder of #BLEXIT, which encourages Black voters to leave the Democratic Party. She has also spoken out about the impact of social media on politics, pointing to her personal experience with Twitter censorship.

How Republican Influencers Get Likes and Follows

In the last two years, a new and growing form of political propaganda has emerged on social media. Rather than bots and sock puppets, this is top-down propaganda through trusted social media spokespersons.

As a result, influencers on IG have gotten more attention and have become an important resource for campaigns in the digital age. But this new form of propaganda is a major challenge for social media firms and governments alike.

Turning Point USA, for example, a conservative student organization, recently hosted an event called AmericaFest, where dozens of influencers were told how to use their social media accounts to help promote the group. One presentation outlined an “influencer first” and “conservative second” posting model.

Republican Celebrities on Instagram

While most celebrities skew liberal, there are some that have voiced support for President Trump. These include Hallmark Christmas queen Candace Cameron Bure and Ray Donovan actor James Woods.

These celebrities have used hashtags to express their political opinions on social media. Some of them have even made their opinions known in public, such as Taylor Swift.

But while these celebrities may not share Trump’s exact views, they are able to express their political beliefs in a way that many people can understand and relate to. They can also help to encourage their followers to vote, especially during a critical election year