Lifeline Cell Phones

Most people view a cell phone as a necessity. In fact, many people use cell phones in lieu of a landline or house phone. As a result, access to a phone is very important for many reasons. Working families need phones to keep up with their children, relay messages, and make emergency calls if needed. Cell phones are also a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family because most people carry their cell phones with them everywhere.

Not Always Affordable

Cell phones can be an expensive necessity, however. Many cell phone plans are costly and can land people in debt if they’re not careful, or out of minutes and data if you can’t afford the unlimited plans that are commonly offered by most cell phone providers. As a result, the government has created a way for many people who couldn’t otherwise afford a cell phone to have one free of cost. These cell phones work similarly to any other cell phone plan minus the bill. If you meet the eligibility requirements, which usually include income and a few other areas, you may qualify for a low or no-cost cell phone. Often, you are also eligible for a free phone in addition to a free cell phone plan. A lifeline phone service Oklahoma-based is often a beneficial solution for many people who can’t afford cell phone service.