Nearly all business organizations require a proficient accountant, making it a stable and increasingly popular career path. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA) is a global accounting body established in 1904, now having over 300,000 ACCA members worldwide. It is a widely recognized certification across many countries, thus making it an ideal career option for accounting enthusiasts. ACCA in Canada is a recognized certification and can lead to lucrative career opportunities. With an ACCA certification, a professional can permanently move to Canada.

The ACCA qualification is widely equivalent to a degree standard after taking the foundational level(first nine papers), and it is equivalent to a master’s degree after completing the professional level. After completing the program, a candidate can apply for ACCA membership. There isa multitude of benefits of becoming an ACCA member are:

  • It earns you aglobal recognition
  • An opportunity to take your accounting career international
  • Strengthens professional principles
  • Ensures career security
  • Builds a strong CV

Besides these advantages. Leading companies in Canada hire candidates with ACCA qualifications giving their careers a boost. These are some of the employers who directly hire ACCA members.

  • KPMG:Part of big four accountancy firm
  • Ernst & Young: It is a big four accountancy firm
  • Amazon
  • Bank of Montreal
  • MNP: It is a national tax, accounting, and business consultancy firm in Canada.

An ACCA qualification can open doors to opportunities in fast-growing and leading accounting firms. Apart from getting the opportunity to work with big companies, they are also well-compensated. Besides high salaries, an accounting professional can also get lucrative retirement, insurance, and pension plans. Hence, an ACCA qualification comes with an array of perks.

It may not be a conventional bachelor’s degree. Still, most educational institutions and colleges are equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. This certification is awarded during the convocation ceremony. Due to its strong focus and credibility on preparing the best accounting professionals, ACCA is often one of the strongest paths for career growth. Because of its relevancy in Canada and other countries, it is often termed a tool for career progression.

An ACCA qualification sharpens and nurtures individuals for multiple roles across Finance, Accountancy, Corporate Law, and Banking. Earning an ACCA qualification can be a great step toward achieving career growth. But to prepare for the standardized exam, candidates often require professional guidance to understand the ACCA papers and examination patterns.

In Canada, ACCA has assigned a recognized institution as an approved learning partner. The institute offers classroom teaching for ACCA subjects. The duration of this course is two and a half years. Throughout the course, the focus remains on preparing the students with the strong knowledge and skills required to fulfill their career aspirations in the modern world of accounting and finance. ACCA preparatory courses are the best way to prepare for the prestigious exam to pass with flying colors.

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