There are plenty of interactive entertainment ideas for large crowds. The key to making it interesting is to engage people in a way that makes them feel like they are part of the event. These games and shows can increase attendees’ social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Here are some examples of how interactive entertainment can benefit any event. If the crowd is big, try to get as many people involved as possible. If you’re limited by budget, hire a magician to entertain them.

Mash machine

Another option for an interactive entertainment idea is to use a mash machine. This device is perfect for after-work drinks and allows team members to create their own music together. Companies such as Atlassian and Lexi Nexis opted to purchase speakers and Bluetooth headsets for the employees to participate. Other interactive entertainment ideas for a corporate event are office talent shows or a game show. These options are sure to keep delegates entertained and refreshed throughout the day.

Attract guests

An interactive floor can be a great place for entertainment. A large dance floor or main hall floor can be covered with projections and tracking cameras. Guests can interact with elements that move and interact with each other on the floor. A fun game that involves catching objects will keep people engaged. If you have a large floor area, interactive flooring is a great choice for an interactive event. Whether it’s a corporate party or an employee appreciation event, it can be a memorable and effective way to attract guests.

Attendance and loyalty

An interactive floor can be used as a dancefloor, event entrance, or main hall floor. With tracking cameras and projectors, an interactive floor can have moving scenes, elements that interact with the users, and even games where the attendees have to catch things in order to interact with them. These games can be customized to fit larger floor areas and cater to more people. Using these interactive entertainment ideas for a corporate event will increase attendance and loyalty.


Using an interactive floor can be a great addition to a corporate event. It can be the main hall floor, the dancefloor, or the entrance. It can be a fun way to entertain guests while they are walking through the venue. With the use of tracking cameras and projectors, you can incorporate an interactive floor that allows guests to interact with moving elements and scenes. Adding interactive flooring to a bigger event will be the ultimate wow factor for attendees.


Incorporating interactive entertainment for a corporate event is a great way to engage attendees on a deeper emotional level. Guests can associate positive feelings with your company and your event, which will make your event more memorable and likely to generate higher loyalty and recurring events. It can also be an exciting way to entertain your audience. You’ll be amazed at the number of different ideas for an interactive entertainment session. If you’re planning an upcoming corporate event, make sure to think about all of your needs.

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