Until a few years ago, it was challenging to narrate a story in under 15 seconds. However, the multiple social media and video-sharing platforms have changed the notion of storytelling. It is essential to know how quickly the importance of Indian short videos grew during the pandemic. The viewers were hooked on it during the pandemic. Advertisers and marketers have found ways to publicize their products through these short video formats and influencer marketing. As these short videos leave a lasting impact on the viewers, the audiences tend to buy more. No brand wants to leave any stone unturned in promoting its products via social media and short video apps.

In today’s fast-paced world, short video forums offer artists and consumers various opportunities and experiences to engage the audience. All worldwide use these forums to publicize their concepts, business, and aspirations. Most users on these platforms are between the age group of 24 to 34 years, while the highest number of users are under the age of 24 years. Indian short video apps like Hipi, Moj, Josh, and others hold the power to influence the country’s young population due to their large user base of Generation Z and Millennials.

Dominating trends in the industry

The economy for creators is flourishing globally, but social media forums are still figuring out monetization methods for the creators. Everyone is eyeing the next generation of social media, from start-ups to tech giants.

After the inception of 5G and an increasingly growing number of internet users, India is their next stop for global business.

These trends involve:

  • Increase in the impact of the influencer
  • Celebrities actively making content on social media platforms
  • Tweaking the monetization system
  • Growth in video streaming live from an event or for viewer interaction
  • User-created content for recreational purposes like dialogues and dance challenges.
  • The popularity of NFTs
  • The conversion of advertising videos to shopping them online will be higher.

India’s short video platform is growing immensely, with multiple apps to choose from to put your content on. Hipi, one of the favorite short video format apps amongst viewers in India, has a lot to offer. Some of the most popular stars in the entertainment industry have made their debut on Hipi, creating engaging and entertaining content for their followers. Recently, Hipi has witnessed massive growth in the number of users joining the forum. Big TV stars and social media influencers actively join and create content on Hipi. Many of the country’s most popular stars, like Rohit Suchanti, Arishfa Khan, Sneha Paul, Ahsaas Channa, Shraddha Arya, and others, have joined the platform.

Each celebrity on Hipi will create their profile and upload content for their niche audience. For Example, fans of Sneha Paul would want to see her creating videos on fashion, Makeup tutorials, GRWM, and all things glamor. At the same time, fans of Rohit Suchanti would wish to see his fitness videos, gym workouts, diet tips, and more.

HiPi has creators that target every viewer’s choices and have something for everybody. Hipi is not just a platform for fun but also helps budding and talented creators make their careers and fulfill their dreams. Hipi has announced a contest, Hipi Star Hunt, which allows the participants to audition and find their breakthrough through Hipi.

Sneha Paul, the beautiful web series actor, is active on social media. Her beauty often raises the temperature soaring on the internet and keeps her viewers wanting more. Off late on Hipi, she has shared glimpses of her latest photoshoot with her fans which became viral. Actor Sneha Paul first made headlines with her series Charmsukh. Everyone was in awe of her beauty, and she kept spreading her fire on social media platforms. Sneha Paul has created havoc with fans with her hot style. She has shown her bold avatar with the pictures she posts. Sneha’s fans enjoy the range of makeup looks that she keeps sharing.

Hipi is an exclusive forum that makes the interaction between the influencer and the audience easy and engaging. Apart from that, these celebrities can make creative content on their handles, increase their fanbase, and bag great endorsement deals on their profile. Social media platforms benefit them in multiple ways. It helps gain them more popularity and opens the way for more income.

The Indian short video platforms scene is changing, and increasingly there is a shift to these forums. Everyone, including the marketers and audience, opts for short video platforms for informational and recreational purposes.