How to Send out Save the Date Wedding Cards

Weddings come with a lot of stress, pressure, deadlines, and ofcourse happiness. But enjoying the wedding preparation is an art, and not everyone is skillful enough to rejoice each moment.

If your wedding is approaching, or is just around the corner, then it is high time to make a checklist of all the possible things that would be needed to make your wedding a success. No one wants to have a mess at their wedding, and every couple tries their best to make everything look and happen perfectly. A few areas in a wedding prep seems to be potentially troubling, one such aspect is the distribution of save the date wedding cards.

If your wedding is just around the corner, and you want to make it a smooth event, then we would recommend you to take special care of the distribution of wedding invitations. A slight negligence, and ignorance can have some serious effects on your big day.

Like, imagine, that one of your uncles who is pretty old forgot the date and the venue, and now he is continuously calling you when you are busy at the saloon. What would you do at the 11th hour to remind him about the wedding date, or help him understand the venue? It will take a lot of time.

A wise couple will take out time, make a list of all their guests, then mark down the guests who need special attention. Once you know how many guests would need extra assistance you would make sure to take some steps to help them.

Select the best postal service

We know many of you must be thinking about sending through mail, or some electronic message. It would have been a great idea, ans many people are doing it. However, we still feel that getting a print of the wedding card can level up the happiness of your wedding. So if you are still thinking like an old school, then welcome to the club.

Once you have got the first draft of your wedding card, and you are editing it to get the final results. It is time to search for a reliable postal service. It can be any local private company, but look for those who are still catering to the needs for bulk orders for mail. It is a rare thing now, and is often used by banks or some big institutions.

We would suggest you to choose only those companies which have special packages for you. As the postal service might cost you some money, so to cut down the burden, you can go for the selected guests, like the older couples, far off formal friends and your parents who would keep the wedding card as a memory.

Make sure you send it a month before the wedding

Many people assume that they do not need to send the wedding cards a month before the wedding. They are wrong, today no one is as free as we think. People schedule their tasks months before, especially when you have a lot of guesses from the corporate sector. Moreover, it is not nice to tell someone to attend your wedding at the last hour. Thus, the best way would be sending them a month before the wedding.

Make the prominent cards

Wedding invitations should be loud. They must say where to come, and when. If you have some older citizens in your guest lost, then prefer having the wedding save the date magnets. These magnets would stay in front of them till your wedding. Thus, there will then be no excuse of not reaching or remembering the day. Do not forget to get some of these for your grandparents, teachers, and old neighbours who are supposed to attend your wedding.

For the printed cards it is necessary to have a bold colour, and large font for the mentioning of dates and venue. These must be printed very carefully. Avoid using the words “ON” this date, and “At this place”, such words will cause confusion.

Instead, it would be better to use the words “venue” and “date” so that the receiver must know where the wedding is and when.