It’s no secret that stickers are fun to show off your personality and style. But did you know that they can also be a powerful branding tool?

You can use all the benefits of stickers, their colorful looks, shareability and flexibility, and put them to work for your business. Especially if you are going for custom stickers, you can create anything you can think of.

So get in touch with your paper or vinyl sticker maker of choice and follow these four tips for using stickers to promote your brand:

1. Use stickers to show off your branding

With stickers, you can create a unique and low-cost branding tool that is made to fit your needs. Designing a custom sticker is an opportunity to include your brand’s style and values and communicate them to potential customers. This is a great way to get noticed and remembered.

You can then use your stickers to brand your products, packaging materials, shipping boxes, envelopes or shopping bags. Be sure to order sticker sheets for that, as they are easier and faster to apply.

2. Highlight a new product launch

But there is no need to stop there. While you should include stickers in your standard branding procedures, you can also use them to emphasize a specific campaign and generate excitement for a new product launch.

Stickers make you incredibly flexible. That means you do not have to re-print your entire packaging if you want to release a limited or new edition. You can simply switch up your personalized stickers. Why not try a glitter effect to really catch some eyes?

3. Place stickers in strategic locations

Stickers are an easy way to generate brand awareness offline. After all, they are intrinsically sharable and eye-catching. So pick your design and get sticking.

Think about where your target customers are likely to see your stickers. Are there specific locations that would align well with your brand? Place them in strategic locations around town, such as in nearby coffee shops or parks. Choose a biodegradable material, so your campaign will not create any waste.

4. Hand out stickers at promotional events

You can use your stickers even more deliberately by taking them to promotional or industry events and handing them out to customers or suppliers. This will not only make you stand out from the stacks of business cards, but will leave a lasting impression.

Why? Because free stickers are seen as gifts, which evokes positive emotions in your customers and increases the chances of repeat purchases and positive reviews.Custom die cut stickers like these are the ideal sticker for a giveaway.

Using stickers as a branding tool can be a fun and effective way to promote your business. Make sure to select the right design, location, and event to hand out stickers for the best results. Want more tips on how to use stickers? Then let us know in the comments.