How to Get More Candidates For Recruitment

There are several different ways to attract qualified applicants for your recruitment efforts. Many companies use job boards to find candidates. Larger job boards tend to draw large volumes of people. Niche job boards focus on a specific geographic region or industry. Although these niche job boards are not as well-known, they are likely to attract fewer applicants but are more likely to be qualified. Regardless of where you post your recruitment ads, it is important to keep in mind that some job boards charge a fee. Eventually, if you want to find the best talent, you can count with the help of a recruitment agency.


While poaching a candidate from a competitor is always a tricky proposition, there are other methods that can lead to an increased number of quality applicants. The Internet is the most reliable source of qualified candidates. You can use search engines to narrow your searches to include only relevant and qualified candidates, or exclude irrelevant results. You can also use Boolean search operators to add or remove certain items from the results. For example, if you type “resume” in Google, you will be shown all websites that have the phrase “resume” in the page title.

Positive experience


A job listing is only as effective as the company’s recruitment efforts. Prospective employees want to work for a company that makes them feel appreciated. If a candidate feels like they can trust you, they will feel more comfortable applying to your company. If they are unsure about the company’s culture and values, they may decide to apply to another one. If they are unhappy with your approach, you can always try sending them a follow-up email, including more content and a better chance of a positive experience

To prioritize

If you are not interested in recruiting employees from other companies, the best way to get the best candidates is to be an employer of choice. However, if your competitors are hiring, you must ask if it is acceptable to poach them. This is not always an easy task, as many of the people who join these companies did not specifically look for a new job. Therefore, it is important to prioritize and be the employer of choice.

Target candidates

The most important thing to do is to understand the needs of your target candidates. You should be able to tell your candidates what the job entails and the personality type they are most likely to possess. This will make it much easier to write a job offer and create interview questions for them. The more knowledge you have about your potential employees, the better the chance you will be of hiring the right people. And, if your recruiters are looking for the right employees, this is a good way to recruit them.

Hiring decisions and hire more people

In addition to having an open mind, you must have a strategy that attracts candidates and gives them the opportunity to apply. The best way to attract top talent is to become an employer of choice. The more people you attract to your company, the more likely they are to apply. Ultimately, being an employer of choice is the best way to attract the best employees. When you are proactive with your recruitment efforts, you will be able to make better hiring decisions and hire more people.

Infographic created by Clover, a retail POS system company