We live in a digital age where we massively depend on computer systems to perform a variety of complex tasks and save information for us. From smartphones to smart assistants, our everyday lives revolves around technology. According to Statista, the number of households possessing at least one computer will reach 1,262.47 million by 2025. Statista’s April 2022 report states that more than five billion people consume the internet globally.

The rising number of computer households and smartphone penetration in the world is creating a high demand for programmers. As per the Labor Market Information Portal, around 23.5 percent of job growth is expected for programmers over the few years. According to the U.S. News and World Report, computer programming is among the best 100 jobs in 2022 due to competitive salary, growth potential, and career opportunities. Therefore, it is the right time to embark on your journey to becoming a programmer.

How to become a computer programmer?

Most computer programming jobs require a professional certificate and experience with programming languages. Aspiring programmers can sign up for a diploma in computer programming to earn a certificate to launch their careers in this rapidly growing industry.

Adiploma in computer programming provides in-depth knowledge of design, abstraction, software development, resource management, software engineering, coding, data structures, computation, algorithms, web development, and design processes with the help of various programming languages, including C, Python, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript. Developing these crucial computer programming skillsets opens doors to IT giants, research institutes, government agencies, and engineering schools.

Interestingly, computer programming diplomas are considered the pathway to financial freedom. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a computer programmer in Canada is CAD 67,301 per year. In addition, computer programming jobs are not too stressful and provide a satisfying work-life balance.

Importance of programming in the future

As our world has become automated, computer programming skills are the undeniable need of the hour. We employ computer programming to harness the processing power needed to influence technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, etc.

Computer programming is regarded as a fundamental skill for numerous applications. It is used for banking, traffic lights, coffee machines, supply chain management, online shopping, self-driving cars, smart lights, facial recognition doorbells, and smart ovens.

As everything around us is getting automated, programming will definitely remain crucial in the future for meeting the growing need of humans. That’s why computer programmers are in high demand to keep up with the constant change in the IT industry.

Why should you opt for a diploma in computer programming?

Earning a diploma in computer programming opens doors to MAANG (Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) companies. These tech giants offer big fat pay cheques to their programmers to maximize their technological investments. Working with MAANG companies adds value to your resume and provides global acknowledgment and vast career opportunities.

Study computer programming diploma in Canada

Canada is home to many reputable universities widely known for offering high-quality education to students. Studying for a diploma in computer programming is good in terms of cost and helps land a job more quickly. Apply now!