HealthTap – Easy and Affordable Primary Care

A nationwide virtual healthcare provider, HealthTap delivers quality primary care affordably to all Americans, regardless of their insurance. Members have access to a long-term doctor of their choice who orchestrates all their ongoing health needs every step of the way.

The HealthTap doctor network consists of about 140,000 U.S. doctors, many of whom are board-certified in their specialties. Its physicians answer questions from their patients via a system that allows them to build up reputation levels by accumulating awards, clicking “Agree” on other doctor’s responses and logging measurable activities at the site.

What is HealthTap?

HealthTap is an easy and affordable primary care program that connects people to a network of board-certified doctors around the country. It offers a variety of services, including Urgent Care and Primary Care, through an app that lets you communicate with a doctor by video or text chat.

The company also has an AI-powered symptom checker that can help you determine if you need to see a doctor or not. Its library of questions and answers is free for all members to use, and the AI system triages symptoms and suggests possible causes.

In addition to virtual consultations with doctors, HealthTap members can also order lab tests and write or refill prescriptions. They can do so using their computer, tablet, or iPhone/Android mobile device.

Access to Board-Certified Doctors

HealthTap offers easy and affordable primary care to patients of all ages. Members enjoy 24/7 access to board-certified doctors by text or video with wait times of one minute or less.

In addition to virtual visits, members can also ask doctors questions through the question submission service. These questions can be posted anonymously, and the answers are typically answered within 24 hours.

The doctors answering these questions must have an unrestricted, active medical license in good standing. This makes HealthTap a safe and reliable alternative to online healthcare.

Doctors from all specialties and practice settings volunteer to share their knowledge and expertise with millions of HealthTap members. They can even prescribe medications and order lab tests for members, if needed.

Access to Your Medical Records

HealthTap is an online telehealth service backed by a network of U.S. doctors and a proprietary AI system.

It aims to provide easy and affordable primary care. Members can ask questions, book appointments, and receive answers from their doctor through text messages or video chats.

In addition, it can automatically download records from health organizations for your reference, including allergies, medical conditions, medications, labs, vaccinations, and more.

When users are unsure about whether they need to see a doctor, HealthTap’s AI system triages their symptoms and provides guidance for next steps.

A subscription to HealthTap costs $15 per month (billed three months at a time). It includes free texts with your doctor, $39 primary care video appointments, and 24/7 urgent care with the first available clinic doctor for just $59 – or your insurance copay.

Convenient Appointments

Patients have the option to choose from a variety of convenient appointments through HealthTap. These include recurring Primary Care visits, urgent care consultations and travel medicine.

Patients can also request prescription medications from their online doctor. They can then fill those prescriptions at their local pharmacy.

Unlike other virtual doctor services, HealthTap offers patients access to their primary care doctor at any time and from anywhere. They can even book an appointment using their smartphone.

This service is perfect for people who are on-the-go and need quick access to quality healthcare. It’s also a great way to avoid unnecessary doctor visits and emergency room visits, which can be costly.