Hair Extensions That Make Your Hair Flawless

If you’ve ever wanted to transform your locks, then consider using hair extensions. Not only will they make your locks look flawless, but you’ll also be guaranteed to look great once you leave the salon! Of course, extensions come with some aftercare instructions, but following these instructions can extend the life of your hair extensions. Whether you’ve chosen tape-in or K-Tips, you’ll find that following these instructions will ensure that your extensions look flawless for many months to come! If you are thinking about whether to get up an hour earlier every day to put on permanent hair extensions, you should know that they are worth the effort.

Four-six weeks for tape-in extensions

The longevity of tape-in extensions depends on your lifestyle and maintenance techniques. Improper care can shorten their lifespan, so be sure to follow a few basic steps to keep them healthy and looking great. For example, wash your hair as normal after applying the extensions, and avoid excessive combing or wetting as this may damage the extensions. In addition, be sure to brush your hair thoroughly after each wash to avoid tangling.

Tape-in extensions are extremely convenient and quick to install. They are very safe, and the best part is that they’re practically damage-free. Most of these extensions are thin, so they’re comfortable to wear and conceal. The only downfall is that they require daily care. You should avoid using hot styling tools while wearing the extensions, and they should be removed every two or three days.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to add volume, length, or color to your hair, tape-in extensions are a great choice. They’re painless to install and require no invasive procedures. The strips of tape are pre-coated with a strong, medical-grade adhesive. Once attached, the extensions won’t move – they’ll only come out if you rip them out.

Six Months of K-Tips

Keratin tips, also known as K-tips. K-Tips, also known as keratin protein tips, are individual hair extensions that are attached to your natural strands using a heat-fusion process. K-Tips are designed to be durable and long-lasting, requiring zero maintenance between install and removal. These extensions can last up to six months when properly cared for. If you decide to get a permanent install, you can opt for a more affordable option – a Bellami accredited stylist will be able to give you the look you’ve always wanted.


While k-Tips are very lightweight and flexible, they do have some disadvantages. Because they cannot be reused, they are very hard to remove and will leave you with a messy hairline. Additionally, they tend to stick out of your hair, making them hard to hide. It’s easy to lose a few strands when you do a lot of dancing, or if you want to be active and wear your hair up.

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