gas welding Refers to the process of making the metals join together. By heating the work metal to the temperature at which that metal melts. Metals when melted will combine into a homogeneous mass. Gas welding is another method that is very popular today.

Welding usually uses flames generated by the combustion of fuel gas and air. The combustion between fuel gas and air can be separated into 3 different types:

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  1. The combustion of fuel gas with oxygen contained in the air directly, such as the combustion of candles. or a gas lantern that the merchant uses to sell things at night. This type of combustion will have the following effects.

1.1 Flames obtained by combustion have a low temperature.

1.2 The flame is very clean.

1.3 provide low heat

  1. The combustion of fuel gas in the atmosphere through the burner air intake hole. Examples of this type of combustion include: Bunsen lamps. This type of combustion will have the following effects:

2.1 The flame obtained by combustion has a higher temperature than the first type.

2.2 The flame is cleaner than the first type.

2.3 Gives more heat than the first type

  1. Combustion of fuel gas with oxygen taken from pressurized sources. by mixing before combustion such as the combustion of gas welding nozzles This type of combustion has the following effects:

3.1 The flame obtained by combustion has the highest temperature.

3.2 Flames are the cleanest

3.3 provides the greatest amount of heat

welding flame ignition and gas flame extinguishing

Before igniting the welding flame every time, it must be checked that the equipment is in good condition. starting from the gas generator Or the gas bottle that there is a leak or not. Gas regulator, safety valve, pressure gauge and other equipment, including welding wires, welding heads. It is important that the power return protection device must be filled with water to the specified level when all equipment is inspected properly. Always open the valve on the oxygen gas bottle by turning it slowly and turning it all the way to the end of the screw. to prevent gas leaking through the valve stem After that, open the tongue of the acetylene gas bottle. By turning it open only 1-2 turns and then release the wrench used to open the value on the tongue shaft. Adjust the gas pressure size for the welding nozzle. or cutting head according to the welding head manufacturer or recommended cutting head Open the oxygen gas valve at the welding hand about 1/6 turn, then slightly open the acetylene valve, then try to cover the tip of the welding nozzle by hand. will feel that there is gas coming out Use the powerpoint tool. by having a distance of about 25 mm from the tip of the welding head and adjust the flame to the desired characteristics

Ignition if oxygen gas is not turned on will produce a lot of soot and smoke. because of incomplete combustion But if the oxygen gas is turned on, it will not ignite. Therefore, the oxygen gas must be turned on properly.

To properly extinguish the flame, first close the acetylene gas valve and then turn off the oxygen gas. because it will not cause soot And it was also certain that the flame was actually extinguished.

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