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The floor has been paved this week for exciting footballing action where you can place your bet on. From unusual pairings to intense rivalries, we have analyzed every upcoming match this week and arrived with insights and predictions that we are more than willing to share with you.

Without further adieu, here are our football live tips and predictions for this week’s football matches:

Ecuador v Senegal

Both Ecuador and Senegal had something to lose once either of them was defeated in this match at Khalifa International Stadium. Ecuador is just one point away from securing a spot in the knockout stages. Meanwhile, Senegal has to face two more games before they can determine if they will proceed to the Round of 16.

The absence of Sadio Mane means that the Lions of Teranga will have to double up their efforts in order to survive the upcoming clashes. To see them flaunt their skills, watch football live on the Soikeobongda sports betting portal. 

Netherlands v Qatar

The Netherlands is expected to secure a comfortable position at the pedestal of Group A once they meet with Qatar on Tuesday. Despite having a draw with Ecuador last time, sports betting experts believed that they could eliminate the World Cup hosts with ease. 

On the other hand, Qatar has everything to lose at this point having been defeated by both Senegal and Ecuador. With their dignity intact, their only option right now is to show a memorable performance before they exit the competition. 

Iran v USA

The upcoming clash between Team USA and Iran is one of the controversial matches at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Iran is expected to seal their spot in the Round of 16 once it defeats the USA at the Al Thumana Stadium. 

The United States did perform well enough to earn a goalless draw with England last time. If they want to take on Carlos Queiroz’s squad, they must change their focus on strengthening their attacking approach. For more tips for England’s team, check out a dedicated page for that at Soikeobongda.

Wales v England

England is the favorite to win the match against Wales at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium and secure their position in the Last 16 round of the World Cup. The Three Lions managed to win over Iran with a finishing score of 6-2 in their opening match for the event but produced a goalless draw with the USA. Additionally, the absence of Harry Kane and Kyle Walker due to injury is anything but good.

Wales will continue to depend on Gareth Bale, who is determined to take the Dragons to the knockout stages. Along with a loss to Iran, it seemed that the team would fail to recover once they were taken out by England.

Australia v Denmark

The Danes will be aiming to redeem themselves following their 2-1 loss to France when they meet with Australia at Al Janoub Stadium in the last match for the group stage. The Danes must lay down all the tricks up their sleeves in order to beat the Socceroos.

Meanwhile, Australia presented their eagerness to be worthy of qualification when they won over Tunisia. However, they should know that Denmark is not an easy opponent to take down.

Tunisia v France

The Education City Stadium will be the venue for the battle between Tunisia and the World Cup defending champions. Tunisia has been having difficulties surpassing the challenges of Group D, having produced no goal yet. 

On the other hand, France has been riding their luck in the Qatar competition and the sports betting sites see them as a staple to win the final matches of the group stage. Superstar Kylian Mbappe already produced three goals, and despite the absence of Karim Benzema, Olivier Giroud will remain the leader of the French national team.

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