DIS & NIO Stocks: About Companies, the Current Price, Price Forecasts

In order to make good investments, you should know the latest developments in charts of NIO and DIS stock prices like NIO Inc and DIS stock price prediction, the current rate, etc.

Walt Disney Stocks: 3 things you should know

What is DIS?

DIS is Walt Disney company stocks, the media posts assets of one of the most popular media companies worldwide!

The current market rate of DIS

  • According to the current position, DIS live chart is $112.50 which is +0.74% for the last 24h. 
  • DIS’s after-hours stock price is $112.59 which eblogz has increased by +0.09%.
  • The market capitalization is 205.094 B.
  • The average volume is 11.317000.

DIS stock price history

  • The historical max was on October 1st, 2020 – at $118.18;
  • The historical min was January 1st, 2009 – at $18.06.

DIS stock price prediction

According to experts on Money CNN, the average rate of DIS stock is $140 for the next 12 months. The minimum rate is 120 USD, and the possible maximum charge is 160 USD.

A few words about NIO Inc stocks

What is NIO?

NIO Inc. represents itself as the next-gen smart electric vehicle company. It is one of the top-rated companies with headquarters in China, Shanghai. That’s why stocks of the corporation are in high demand.

The current market conditions

  • Today’s NIO stock price is $21.94, which is lower than yesterday by -0.03%. 
  • NIO’s after-hours stock price is 22.06 USD, which has increased by +0.12 USD.
  • The average volume is 49.480000;
  • The market capitalization is 35.75 B.

NIO stock price prediction

According to specialists from Money CNN, the average rate of NIO stock is 28.67 for the next 12 months. The minimum rate is 19.50 USD, and possibly the most significant rate is 67.44 USD.

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