Even if it might not seem that way at first appearance, not all sportsbooks are made equal. Therefore, never assume that placing a wager on the World Cup from site A is as good as placing one from site B. 

The choosing procedure requires time investment on your part. You should have access to at least three trustworthy sportsbooks to employ throughout the World Cup. How can you recognize a trustworthy bookmaker from a dubious one? 

This election examines the most important factors among the many that affect a betting website’s quality.

Competitive Odds for Betting

Before establishing a betting line for a particular market, sportsbooks consider a number of variables. Because of this, World Cup odds will differ between websites. Try to obtain the best bargain possible while looking for a reliable sportsbook. As a result, avoid placing bets at the first prices you see. 

With the use of an odds aggregator from Oddspedia, bettors may find the best market rates. Within minutes, you may compare odds from reputable operators. Even a seemingly insignificant price difference can drastically increase your results. Select US bookmakers with the greatest World Cup odds to prevent losing money.

Numerous World Cup betting options

Your World Cup betting selections are determined by the markets that a certain sportsbook provides. You won’t have to go very far because most bookies provide a variety of well-liked markets. But if you enjoy diversifying your wagers, you won’t be content with a few typical markets like outright winners. 

Perhaps you prefer unusual bets or would want to take a chance on a six-fold parlay during the group stage. So, before signing up with a certain sportsbook, make sure the selection of markets meets your betting requirements. The markets you may bet on in the US are listed below.


An outright wager, in which you place money on a team or person to win a tournament, is the simplest type of wager. There are also a number of additional long-term wagers available. A sportsbook pays paid on outright wagers after the event in issue has ended. Typically, the wagers are accessible months in advance. 

As a result, you are free to investigate bets before placing them. Keep in mind that odds fluctuate as the competition draws near. With 32 teams vying for the FIFA World Cup championship, your options are more than sufficient. Following are a few instances of outrights from the FIFA World Cup 2022:

WC winning team

  • winning athlete for the Golden Boot
  • A winner of the Golden Glove


On certain websites, this wager may be presented as over/under, but it has the same meaning. In a total bet, a sportsbook provides a statistic, such as the number of goals in World Cup games, and you have to gamble on whether the outcome will be more (over) or less (under). The most typical goal line for soccer totals is 2.5. 

In a game, both teams’ scores are included. Other occurrences, including the number of corners, red cards, or free kicks, are totaled by sportsbooks. A sample total wager in the World Cup is:

  • USA versus. England in Group D (2.5 goals)

Asian Disability

When two teams of different strengths compete, a sportsbook may opt to handicap the game in favor of the underdog or “weaker” squad. Asian handicap is a common betting option for soccer since it offers two outcomes, removing the chance of a tie. 

In betting lines, the favored team’s deficit is shown by a -ve sign, whilst the underdog’s advantage is indicated by a +ve sign. You win a wager on a team with a -1 AH if it triumphs by two goals or more. You win if there is a one-goal differential and lose if the team ties or loses. A sample AH wager would be:

  • Dutch against Qatar (Netherlands AH -2)

Each Team Will Score (BTTS)

You may bet on Both Teams to Score in a game when both teams have a good likelihood of scoring (BTTS). It denotes that the wager is only valid if both teams score. Regardless matter the number of goals, if just one succeeds, you lose. Examples of BTTS from the 2022 World Cup include:

  • Denmark vs France (BTTS)
  • Spanish vs. German (BTTS)

Draw No Bet and Double Chance

A double chance bet covers two of the three potential outcomes, increasing your chances of winning. Because of this, the odds for double-chance wagers are often low. You have the option of betting on the home team to win, the away team to win, both the home and away teams to win, or a tie in this wager. 

A 1X, X2, or 1 or 2 wagers can therefore be made. A draw is not an option when placing a Draw No Bet. a few WC instances

  • Canadian vs. Belgian (1X)
  • Switzerland vs Serbia (DNB, Serbia)

Parlay wagering

In a game or tournament, you might occasionally desire to stake on more than one choice. You may achieve this with a parlay. Given that every choice you make must be accurate for the ticket to win, it’s one of the riskiest bets you can place. 

The reward from a parlay may be significant since the chances of each wager are multiplied by the number of options. A group stage scenario for the Bursa Taruhan Bola Piala Dunia 2022 in Qatar would resemble this:

Dutch, English, Argentina, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, and Portugal are the favorites to win.


The same rules apply to future and outright wagers. It’s a longer-term bet on how an event will turn out. Futures bets aren’t settled by sportsbooks until the game is over. Futures are available on betting websites far in advance of the FIFA World Cup. As bookmakers respond to injuries, team form, weather, and other patterns over time, odds change. Futures on the World Cup include:

  • Which player will be named the youngest?
  • Which goalie will be the best?
  • The Golden Ball will be won by whom?


To provide bettors extra options beyond normal wagers, betting operators offer specials or proposition (prop) bets. With these choices, you may experiment while placing soccer bets. Specials discuss the potential consequences of an event. They concentrate on a variety of factors, which is why specials differ amongst sportsbooks. 

So, before placing a bet on a special, be sure the site offers what you’re looking for. Long- or short-term specials are also possible. They might also be player- or team-based. Two outcomes may be combined in a unique bet. WC specials include things like:

  • The first team in the World Cup to score
  • When Harry Kane scores, the team triumphs.
  • More than three goals from Cristiano Ronaldo during the group stage

Odds Features

With increasingly advanced platforms, online sports betting has advanced significantly. Betting firms had to adapt to changing needs as more gamblers used internet bookmakers. It is now necessary for a sportsbook to make betting exciting and simple in addition to offering sports markets. 

To provide users with the greatest experiences possible, modern betting sites make use of some technology. The top-rated sportsbooks on Oddspedia include a tonne of helpful features. The key ones are listed below.

Bet Creator

A bet builder gives you the ability to generate bets from start, opening up new betting possibilities. This function makes it feasible to mix many marketplaces to increase your profits or just for fun. The tool may be used by adding the game options you desire, and it will compute the odds for you. You may tailor your bets using the builder to take into account the various markets. There are bet builders in mobile sportsbooks.

Pay Out

You can close your ticket before an event is over using the cashout feature on a betting website. The cashout function enables you to settle your wager if you are betting on a game and elect to do so in the 70th minute. 

Thus, if the outcomes aren’t what you expected, you won’t have to burn your entire stake. Depending on the course of an event, the feature either secures a profit or lowers losses. Not all events or marketplaces allow for cash-outs. So be sure to ask a certain operator.

Bet systems

A system bet and a parlay both combine many selections into a single wager. However, unlike a parlay, a system wager does not require the success of each individual decision in order to pay. 

Because of this, even if some of the bet’s legs are unsuccessful, you can still get some of your money back. A system wager can have up to eight alerts and must have at least three. The most legs that may be bet on differs from sportsbook to sportsbook.