Best Team in NBA 2K22

If you want to know who is the best team in NBA 2K22, you should know the GOATs. LeBron James, the NBA’s most valuable player, has only signed a contract until 2023, and the other Milwaukee Bucks players are on one-year deals. Luckily for the fans, there are plenty of complementary players to build your team around. Among these are the Philadelphia 76ers and the Washington Wizards.

Oldest team

While the Grizzlies are the oldest team in the NBA, they’re the most interesting to be on 2K22. The Grizzlies are the youngest team in the league, and have a young core. Desmond Bane is a star rookie and Dillon Brooks is an emerging talent. While the Clippers lack big men, they still have plenty of talent to build around. As long as their players get the most out of them, the game will be a winner.


If you’re looking to be on the best team in NBA 2k22, you can choose the Los Angeles Clippers. This franchise is a chronic underachiever in real life, but the players on the roster are a great fit. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George can score from anywhere on the court, while Marcus Morris Sr. and Victor Oladipo have the potential to become great players. The Grizzlies also have great young cores.

The Lakers

The Lakers are one of the best teams to be on 2k22. They’re an underdog in real life, but they’re a powerhouse in the game. The Lakers have two of the best point guards in the NBA. As a team, they have plenty of potential Hall of Fame players, including Kyrie Irving and Paul Millsap. They’re a great value to be on.

A great balance of skills

The Los Angeles Clippers are the best team in NBA 2k22. They’re the perennial underachievers in real life, but their three-point shooting is a key attribute for this team. In addition to their star players, they have a great balance of skills. The Sacramento Kings are the best team to be on 2k22, but they’re also the best in the game. You can select any player on the roster, including rookies.

Speed and quickness

The Los Angeles Clippers are the best team in NBA 2k22. They’re the only team to have a power forward like Kevin Love. They need a power forward with a lot of speed and quickness. They also need a center and a small forward. These teams are the most balanced in the game. The Boston Celtics are the best team in NBA 2k22, with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard being the best players on the game.