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Archive is an intriguing film that asks us to think about the nature of love in robots. The subtle tensions between humans and androids are explored in this sci-fi film, and the protagonist, J2, is an admirable robot who feels the same way as humans. In addition to the tense relationship between George and J3, “Archive” also asks a number of questions about life and death.

While retaining elements of sci-fi, the film also has elements that appeal to many viewers. The story of a robot named J3 is a homage to Metropolis’ Machine Man, and director Gavin Rothery has experience working in art departments. The film has impressive visuals, and Theo James delivers a mature, sympathetic lead performance. However, if you’re not a fan of sci-fi movies, Archive may not be for you.

As an homage to the science fiction genre, the film’s setting doubles as hazard lights for the actors in their suit scenes. The film also has a side plot that involves the imminent failure of the black cabinet that stores a person’s consciousness. The failure of the black cabinet adds a deadline to the film, which makes it a compelling watch for fans of science fiction. There’s a lot more to this film, but I’m sure it will satisfy your curiosity!

While Archive is an intelligent movie that explores the concept of artificial intelligence, it’s still a thriller. Theo James, Rhona Mitra, Toby Jones, and Stacy Martin all make excellent performances in this sci-fi film. It’s the feature screenwriting debut of Gavin Rothery, and it was an official selection at the 2020 SXSW film festival. It will be available on digital services on July 10, 2020.

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