6 Things to Know About Workers Comp in Oregon

According to the state of Oregon, workers’ compensation is the system of insurance that caters to workers’ lost wages and medical treatment in case a worker is injured. It often comes as a relief when workers’ compensation claims are accepted. As such, workers get the medical care they need, but here are a few things that one must know about workers comp in Oregon.

1. The Laws Regarding Workers’ Compensation In Oregon

Employers with more than one employee must have workers’ compensation insurance. In addition, sole proprietors, independent contractors, and corporate officers with 10% or more company ownership are not eligible for coverage. LLC members also fall into this category.

Either way, employees eligible for workers comp in Oregon must provide coverage and display a notice of compliance in a visible place inside their businesses.

2. What Workers’ Compensation Covers In Oregon

Workers’ compensation in Oregon covers compensation for the following:

  • Death benefits
  • Career assistance
  • Complete or incomplete disability benefits that are temporary
  • Total or partial disability benefits that are permanent
  • Expenses regarding medical bills, transportation, meals, and reimbursement for prescriptions, among other related expenses

3. The Penalties Involved When One Does Not Have Coverage

Workers’ compensation is taken very seriously in Oregon. As such, if you are an employer who is legally required to have coverage and are negligent about it, you may face the following penalties.

  • A jail term
  • A permanent court injunction
  • Penalties that amount to $250 daily
  • A minimum financial penalty of $1000 and double the premium you should pay for coverage

It is worth noting that uninsured employers must be responsible for providing the benefits the policy would otherwise have provided. In the case of an injury, the amount can rise to $100,000. The worst part is that an employer cannot reduce this debt even when declared bankrupt.

4. The Injuries Covered By Oregon Workers’ Comp

Below are some of the injuries that Oregon workers comp covers:

  • Injuries as a result of self-harm, negligence, drug and substance abuse, high intake of alcohol, or fighting
  • Injuries related to work, like back strain from repetitive motion or any other long-term occupational injuries

5. Workers Compensation Benefits Related To Death

If a worker dies due to a severe injury in the workplace, their children and spouse are eligible to receive death benefits on behalf of the victim. Some of these benefits would include money to cater for funeral expenses, the deceased’s monthly payments, and disability benefits if the deceased worker was entitled to benefits regarding disability before they passed on.

6. The Cost Of Workers Comp In Oregon

Akin to other states, the cost of workers’ compensation insurance depends on several factors. First, rates vary from one insurance company to another, as most insurance companies are permitted by state laws to determine their rates.

If your business is situated in Oregon, comparing quotes from different insurance companies is the most effective way to determine the amount you will pay for coverage. The premiums you pay will depend on the history of your business, claims, and the category of your business.

Partner With The Right Private Insurance Company

You can quickly get workers comp in Oregon if you consult and partner with a reputable private insurance provider. Ensure that the insurance company is equipped with the right proprietary tools and modern technology.