A candle can be much more than a pretty piece of decor. A candle can be more than just a piece of decorative decor.

It’s true. According to researchers, there is evidence that burning candles has positive mental effects. Although it may seem ridiculous, aromatherapy is the core of the science of candles to improve health.

The researchers concluded that the senses of smell play an important role in physiological effects such as mood, stress, working capacity, and so on.

Candle making emits distinct scents which can cause specific feelings in the body and mind.

Many scientific studies have confirmed the benefit of aromatherapy from various aromatic plants.

Anyone trying to improve their sleep hygiene will find many benefits from the warm glow of candles. A candle’s light is a better option than a smartphone’s bright blue light.

Even though it’s not culturally mandatory, the ritual of lighting candles in the evenings helps to soothe the mind and gives the eyes a needed digital rest.

Candles + Mental Health

Infusing scents and notes in our environment allow us to control our energy and the pace of our environment. View all Candles

Below are some reasons to keep lighting candles as a sensory form for mental health treatment:

1. Creates Ambiance

A candle’s scent can transform an environment, altering our perception of space. For setting the right atmosphere, lighting a candle to meditate, for a bath, or any other reason is a great way to do so.

2. Calms Your Mind

By burning aroma therapeutic candles, floral and herbal aromas like geranium, peppermint, and lavender have been proven to be beneficial in treating psychological and physiological disorders. Candles to treat anxiety and depression are extremely popular.

3. Mood Improves

The ability to reduce stress hormone cortisol can be achieved by using scented candles. Certain candles are made to activate brain chemicals such as serotonin and amphetamine to support a positive attitude.

4. Memory On Stimulates

Specific scents in candles can boost memory. The limbic brain is where memory and emotions are stored. According to The Harvard Gazette, scent, emotion, as well as memory, are inexplicably intertwined.

5. Supports A Restful, Memorable Sleep

Candlelight nights are very beneficial in maintaining natural sleep rhythms. A good way to practice sleep hygiene is to limit blue light by disconnecting with technology at a time that suits you best.

6. Creates Consistency

The act of lighting candles can be used as a way to meditate and relax. Psychologists believe candles have a positive effect on mental wellbeing and can be combined with other health activities such as journaling and practicing yoga under candlelight.

A Brief History On Candles

The fascinating history and evolution of candles are long. Candles used for ceremonies are a common feature of almost every religion. In addition to lighting homes at night, they also serve to honor lost persons and aid travelers.

In the beginning, there were many kinds of non-wicked and wicked candles. The waxes used in these candles were made from different animals, plants, and insects. The 1990s saw candles become more popular than ever, leading to innovation in candle waxes that were new for the first century.

The Most Healthful Candle Wax

Agricultural scientists developed soybean wax. This wax burned faster and eventually replaced paraffin. Soy and beeswax candles are today the most nutritious candles. Natural wax candles should be used in conjunction with wicks made with braided or paper-wax wicks.

Even though it is very simple, candles are something that almost everyone enjoys. Burning candles can bring about psychological benefits like joy, ease of focus, energy, and joy.