5 Steps To Become A Personal Chef

Being a personal chef has its own gifts compared to being a restaurant chef. It gives unique experience, comparatively stress free environment and of course, a good pay. As a private chef you will be part of your client’s special moments like birthdays and anniversaries, accompanying them through those moments at their private residence. If you are looking forward to exploring opportunities to work as a personal chef, you are at the right place.

1. Qualities and skills required

Unlike a traditional restaurant chef, a personal chef has altogether different expectations and requirements. A personal chef is supposed to have expertise in every aspect of cooking and be able demonstrate skills like serving, hosting and running the kitchen efficiently. In the role as a personal chef, one should be able to bring forward creativity and be adept at time management. You should be equipped with latest culinary skills and at the same time be able to personalize the dishes to the client’s taste. Being flexible with timings is must when one chooses to become a personal chef.

2. Training

Training in professional culinary skills and a relevant degree certainly will give you advantage over others. Join a professional academy to train you into a world-class chef. In addition, check for sources to train yourself in money management. Having knowledge of wine is mandatory for hosting parties where wine is served along with food.

3. Experience

Though a personal cook’s job is restricted to private residencies, hosts expect an out and out professional presentation. Therefore, working at a professional kitchen will help you a lot in sharpening the culinary skills and gain confidence. To get a job as a personal chef, you might require at least one year of hands on experience at a professional kitchen. Not only you will gain in-depth knowledge but also you will have time to think which direction to take.

4. Researching the market

This is one necessary skill that will help you land at the right place. You many have an armory of skills but your potential client may not require. Nor does the style of cooking your client requires is something you want to pursue. Depending on your personal culinary style and branding you can find a client to whom you can make a right pitch. Also, after making the choice, a second round of research goes into finding your client’s preferences and dietary requirements.

5. Finance

Becoming a personal cook doesn’t require money at the scale that is required for opening a restaurant. Personal chefs get all the equipment they require eliminating the need to rent a public space for customers. However, you need some money to buy a personal vehicle or seed money to manage with expenses of the first month. Quite a few people take personal loans to meet the immediate expenses.

All in all, gaining experience as a personal cook is not a rocket science. What all it requires is impeccable culinary skills, and a certain amount of confidence. Provided you have the skills, and could register with the right chef recruitment agency, confidence is a given.