Nowadays, everyone posts pictures of their daily life online, making couple portraits more common than ever. This is fantastic news for photographers, as pair portraiture is a fantastic cash source and will provide you with some excellent portrait images to complete your online photography portfolio.

Indeed, another area of photography where you could find success is in capturing romantic poses for couples. During each session, you may assist the pair express their affection for one another by recommending the sweetest couple poses. Your next couple portrait session will be a breeze if you follow these 10 tips for couple photography poses.

Tips for Couple Photography Poses

Walking Toward You

Start with a natural couple position. Most individuals feel uncomfortable when a giant portrait lens is pointed at them, especially if it’s their first professional photoshoot. Take the first few photos from afar and have the pair approach you. This prevents nervousness and freezing. They can hold hands, face each other, or look forward.

Holding hands

The best choice is always for couples to hold hands. They can be posed side by side, facing the camera, leaning against a wall, or facing each other and holding hands. Try asking them to walk slowly either toward you or away from you while holding hands.

Faces Together, Looking at the Camera

The most basic couple pose is probably faces together, looking at the camera. It fulfills all of the requirements for a classic couple portraits. You can change up the stance by having the male slightly tilted toward the camera with the woman behind him, placing her head on his shoulder, or having the couple hug and then look at the camera.

Sitting on Lap

Most people prefer sitting, especially at the start of a session before they loosen up. Sitting couple shoot angles vary. You can have one partner put their head on the other’s shoulder or talk to get them giggling. They might look at the camera or each other while the other partner is sitting on the other’s lap. This kind of pose lets people feel less self-conscious about their bodies and hands, so you can obtain some wonderful, honest moments.

Piggy Back or Lift

The piggyback position is not suitable for every couple, but it is suitable for many newly engaged couples and is also something entertaining and interesting. It might even make them jiggle while they figure it out. Piggybacking works effectively for couples who have a considerable height difference since it automatically puts her face even with his.


Even though we all make silly, unflattering faces when we’re in the middle of a conversation, letting the couple just talk to each other can lead to some really special photos that they’ll love. You can also try to get them to talk by asking them about something important, like their first date or an unforgettable moment.


They can try wrapping their arms around each other, either at the waist or the neck, for a more passionate embrace. Get some shots of them just being themselves while they talk, laugh, or kiss instead of just posing. Awkwardness between a pair can prove beneficial if it prompts them to laugh and act goofy together.


Most couples don’t even bat an eye when it comes to being photographed while passionately expressing affection. A kiss is a tender symbol of their closeness and love for one another. Starting with the foreheads together can lead to a nice kiss that you can capture even if emotion doesn’t come naturally for them.


Keep the camera on your subjects even when you’re not really telling them what to do. Some of the best pictures from your couple’s photoshoot might be the ones where they didn’t even know they were posing, because you caught them just being themselves and having fun. You’re more likely to get these great candid shots later in the day, when your subjects are more comfortable with each other.

Laying Down

This is a good opportunity to lay your couple down. Lay them on their stomach or back. This needs a blanket or nice grass. A little ladder or step stool is needed to photograph them lying on their back. Put them side by side or upside down. Get low to photograph them lying on their stomach.

The Takeaways

Feel free to use any of the poses for couples in this article as ideas for your own pictures. Make sure to give easy instructions for your couple poses, but don’t forget to let them be themselves. Tell them to do things like walk and dance, and let them try out different things in the situation. This is a great way to get some really beautiful photos of real life. If you make them feel at ease and give them a nice place to be, their love will surely show in the photograph.

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